Farm to Fork Strategy


On February 17th, the European Commission published the roadmap regarding the upcoming « Farm to Fork Strategy », as announced in the “European Green Deal”.


This initiative, led by the DG SANTE, will cover every step in the food supply chain, from production to consumption, and feed into the European Commission’s circular economy objectives. Its overall objective is “to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable food system that should have a neutral or positive environmental impact, is capable to adapt to climate change and at the same time contributes to climate change mitigation, ensures food security and creates a food environment which makes healthy diets the easy choice for EU citizens”. It will set out the regulatory and non-regulatory measures needed to create more efficient, climate-smart systems that provide healthy food, while securing a decent living for EU farmers and fishermen.


To achieve it, the European Commission will work with Member States and stakeholders to :

  • Ensure the transition is fair and just for everyone working in the European agricultural and maritime sector ;
  • Reduce significantly the dependency, risk and use of chemical pesticides ;
  • Develop innovative farming and fishing techniques that protect harvest forests and diseases ;
  • Combat food fraud by preventing, detecting and fighting it through coordination with Member States and non-EU countries.


The publication of this roadmap opens a 4 weeks consultation period for all stakeholders, until 16 March 2020 :