Our vocation

For more than 15 years, Alinea, Avocats Associés has built, in Paris and later in Brussels, a team of lawyers able to provide tailor-made legal advice and assistance in counseling, public affairs and litigation to professionals, in particular in agricultural and agri-food sectors as well as liberal and regulated professions.


This experience allows Alinea, Avocats Associés lawyers to offer a full range of essential skills to professionals from different sectors, grouped within interbranch organizations, associations, producer organizations, associations of producer organizations, professional unions, national professional orders  and professional bodies The law firm accompanies them serenely in the constitution and operation of their collective organization and their evolution in the wake of both national and European legislative changes, and helps them become privileged interlocutors of public authorities or defend their interests in court.

Alinea, Avocats Associés has been assisting and advising its clients in all their relations with the law. From its conception, through public affairs missions with national and European institutions, to its implementation in the drafting of acts and contracts, until its enforcement by the administrative and judicial authorities within the framework of the representation and assistance of its clients before the French administration, the European Commission or national and European jurisdictions.

  • Public affairs: promotion and defense of the interests of professional organizations before French and European public authorities. Since its creation, the firm has developed expertise in public affairs, both at the French and European level. This approach has been favored within the firm to provide our clients with a complete service, from lawmaking to law enforcement.
  • Advice and assistance for European, national and regional professional organizations in the agricultural and agri-food sectors, as well as liberal and regulated professions, at the time of their creation and throughout their existence with regard to the entire national and European body of laws and regulations.
  • Defending their interests before all types of judicial and administrative courts, but also before the Competition Authority, the Court of Auditors and the European Union Court of Justice.

A European partner law firm

By their training and professional experience, the lawyers of Alinea, Avocats Associés implement a national but also a European approach in their profession: monitoring of European legislation, understanding of European issues, positioning with European institutions … all these assets enable them to provide their clients with quality legal assistance and advice that are comprehensive and in line with European developments whose impacts can no longer be ignored.

For these purposes, the firm relies on a team of lawyers of the Paris and Brussels Bar across the Paris and Brussels offices and is committed to a long-term partnership rather than a mere legal service.

An operational network

In order to optimize costs and to meet all its clients’ needs while maintaining a flexible structure, Alinea, Avocats Associéshas decided to rely on a French and European partner network of lawyers specialized in complementary fields: should a case require, we co-contract in a transparent way with regard to our clients, and in compliance with the code of ethics of the legal profession.