Joël Moret-Bailly


Associate Associate professor of private law and criminal sciences (University of Lyon - Saint-Etienne) Attorney at the Paris Bar (since 2014)

Areas of intervention

Law of professions, professional and inter-professional organizations (associations, unions, companies), rules of procedure (code of conduct, ethics, CSR, conflicts of interest, compliance, discipline) and external regulation (skills, definition of professions scope of intervention of, information), contracts, litigation.

Before Alinea, Avocats Associés…

For more than 10 years Joël Moret-Bailly accompanied professionals (health, social, law, urbanism and landscape, expertise) in the structuring of their professions and activities before becoming a lawyer in 2014. He joined Alinea, Avocats Associés in 2015.

Joël Moret-Bailly has conducted and conducts expert missions in the following institutions: Ministry of Health (France), High Authority on Health (HAS France), National Research Agency (ANR France), National Health Accreditation Body (INAS, Tunisia), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)

He was a member, between 2007 and 2013, of the “Deontology and independence of the expertise” group of the High Authority on Health (standard-setting organization and examination of individual situations relating to the conflicts of interests), and between 2016 and 2017, of the Ethics Committee of the Agence nationale du développement professionnel continu(French national CPD agency).

He was appointed Ethics Officer of the CNRS as of September 1, 2018, and Vice-Chairman of the Ethics Committee of Social Ministries in May 2019.

Languages :

  • French,
  • English.

Joël Moret-Bailly is the author of numerous publications relating to his main focus areas. He is the author, co-author or director of 8 works:

Individual books:

  • Les conflits d’intérêts, Définir, gérer, sanctionner” (Conflicts of interest, Define, manage, punish). In LGDJ-Lextenso editions. Forum Collection, 2014, 230 pages. Book nominated for the 2015 Cercle Montesquieu Prize.
  • Les institutions disciplinaires, Mission de recherche droit et justice” (Disciplinary institutions, Law and Justice Research Mission), Arrêt sur recherches Collection, 2003, 150 pages.
  • Les déontologies” (Ethics), University Presses of Aix-Marseille, 2001, 539 pages.

Co-authored books:

  • Moret-Bailly, Joël, and Truchet, Didier, “Droit des déontologies” (Law of Ethics), PUF, Themis Collection, 2016, 466 pages.
  • Moret-Bailly, Joël, and Thouvenin, Dominique, “Les conflits d’intérêts à l’hôpital public”, (Conflict of Interest in the Public Hospital), EHESP Press, 2015, 202 pages.
  • Moret-Bailly, Joël, and Truchet, Didier, “Pour une autre déontologie des juristes” (For another ethics of lawyers), PUF, Hors collection Collection, 2014, 104 pages.
  • Moret-Bailly, Joël, and Truchet, Didier, “Déontologie des juristes” (Ethics of lawyers), PUF, License Collection, 2010, 262 pages.
  • Ancel, Pascal, and Moret-Bailly, Joël, “Vers un droit commun disciplinaire?” (Towards a common disciplinary law?), University Presses of Saint Etienne, Law Collection, 2007, 339 pages.

Joël Moret-Bailly is a member of the Board of directors and former Treasurer of the Association française de droit de la santé(French Association for Health Law).