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Ethics, conflicts of interest, regulation within institutions and data protection (CSR and compliance)

Alinea, Avocats Associés offers expertise in all matters relating to compliance and CSR, in particular ethics, conflicts of interest and data protection.


Alinea, Avocats Associés has developed a practice dedicated to the ethics and the management of conflicts of interest with health professionals, expertise, liberal and regulated professions.

Determining the place of ethics in a strategy or in an institution or a profession regulation (association, union, professional body, company), accompanying the drafting of a Code of Ethics, setting up a disciplinary system and building a management policy of conflicts of interest are part of the usual assignments entrusted to Alinea, Avocats Associés.

The team of Alinea, Avocats Associés also support organizations representing various professions in implementing procedures for organizing their exercise in an ethical and deontological context, such as setting up systems for the circulation of institutional information compliant with the professional secrecy or anti-gift devices for the health sector.

In this context, the teams of Alinea, Avocats Associés also support the professional organizations in the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and offers its clients programs of compliance and / or assistance as a Data Protection Officer.

Alinea, Avocats Associés has also developed a national and European legal practice relating to the internal regulation of professional and interprofessional groups, the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and to the compliance, particularly with health, expertise, liberal and regulated professions.

Organizing a professional or interprofessional institution at the national or European level, an approach of corporate ethics, CSR and / or compliance, and accompanying the drafting of a charter of ethics, are the usual tasks entrusted in Alinea, Avocats Associés.

The teams of Alinea, Avocats Associés also support the professionals from various sectors in the implementation of procedures for the valuation and evolution of regulations, including the protection of a title, the recognition of a code of ethics, the recognition of an organization by the State, the creation of a label.

Alinea, Avocats Associés is also involved in liability litigation.